Batten Down The Hatches

Session 1


Three characters wake up to find they are marooned on a small, uninhabited island in the Sea Of Fallen Stars. Apparently the crew of the ship The Sleeping Syren, on which they had booked passage to Aglarond, has robbed them of valuables and left them to rot!

The adventurers are:

With nothing but the clothes and armour on their backs, they set out to explore the island and take care of basic survival needs, such as food (fish, fruits, meat), fresh water and shelter. After making sure there are no obvious dangers on the island, they start looking for ways to escape. A hidden cabin is found in the woods, where they find a rusty dagger and two chests full of golden coins; a huge loot but of no immediate use for survival.

Eventually three fires are created, and with fresh leaves are set to smoking. The next day, a ship approaches! The Malenti, a merchant vessel captained by a blackbearded human called Rookwood, offers the marooned adventurers a way off the island by working aboard the ship for a month, and afterwards will be dropped off at a harbour of their choice (if realistic). They gladly agree, and are set to work. Bonk is tasked with cleaning the decks and various jobs; Zalkiel takes care of the rigging and the crow’s nest; and Nicellia cures minor ills of the crew and helps with cooking.

Next stop: An island, two days from their current location, to stock up on wares and then off to a coastal town for market.


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